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The Elementary Set

For Kindergarten through 3rd Grade

The new Foam Phonics Elementary Magnet Set with Folding Magnetic Receptive Board is the perfect tool for students to create phonological awareness and word recognition and to practice reading and spelling skills. This set is designed to work for students from Kindergarten through 3rd Grade. Each set comes with 106 magnetic letter tiles and a 12" x 18" folding paper steel dry erase board.

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Foam Phonics Elementary Set

Magnetic & Dry Erase

The lightweight board measures 12” x 18” and folds down to a convenient 9” x 12” size and neatly stores all the magnetic tiles.  Magnets will stick to the front and back of the board and both sides of the board work with dry erase markers.

106 Easy to Manipulate

Magnets per Set

Each set contains 106 thick colorful foam magnets that are printed in bold, clear black letters and backed with flexible magnet.  Each easy to manipulate foam tile measures 1.2” x 1.2”.  Blank tiles can be customized with ordinary markers.

106 Easy to Manipulate Magnets per Set

Includes 106 Easy to Manipulate Foam Magnets and a 12" x 18" Magnetic & Dry Erase Board

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