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2nd Grade Magnets Only

2nd Grade Magnets Only

Our Second Grade Magnets Only set adds complex consonants and silent letters to the First-grade set along with more Vowel Digraphs, Glued Sounds, Suffixes, and adds prefixes. This set does not include a magnetic board.


This Set includes:

25 - Yellow Consonant Foam Tiles 1"x1"

14 - Yellow Digraph, Silent Letters, and Complex Consonant Foam Tiles 1"x1"

7 - Red Vowel Foam Tiles 1"x1"

26 - Red Vowel Digraph Foam Tiles 1"x1"

17 - Green Glued Sound Foam Tiles 1.5"x1"

15 - Orange Suffix Foam Tiles 1.5"x1"

5 - Blue Prefix Foam Tiles 1"x1"



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